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VENEZUELA / Detained May 2, 2014

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UPDATE:  On November 18, 2016, Venezuela released Rosmit Mantilla; he has said he will continue to support democracy in the country, and continue hoping for the release of fellow political prisoners. Mantilla was a student studying Communications in Caracas, Venezuela, but in 2014, was arbitrarily arrested due to his activities promoting the equal rights of the LGBTI community. He is the first openly gay politician to have been elected to the National Assembly of Venezuela, as well as a member of the Voluntad Popular party. Like Mantilla, fellow Venezuelan activists Renzo Prieto and Gilberto Sojo were also elected to the National Assembly in the 2015 elections, but are still unfairly jailed due to charges stemming from Venezuela’s 2014 protests.

Rosmit’s charges are public incitement and public intimidation; obstruction of roads; fire to public and private buildings; violent damage and conspiracy.  He was accused, and is awaiting to go to the trial and be sentenced.

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