June 9, 2015: Nicolas Maduro – It’s Time to #SetThemFree!

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Today, Venezuela has more than 100 political prisoners. The World Movement for Democracy is rallying individuals and organizations around the world to send a collective message to President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro – it is time to #SetThemFree!

This global action campaign is being organizing through Thunderclap, a tool that allows people to share the same message at the same time on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Similar to crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, Thunderclap asks backers to donate tweets and social media posts to their followers and friends rather than money. Thus, signing onto a campaign using your social media account authorizes Thunderclap to share a post or Tweet on your behalf, and allows a single post to be mass-shared and rise above the multitude of messages on our social networks.

The goal for this campaign is to reach 100 supporters (or individual social media profiles) by June 24 – which marks the Battle of Caribibo, a public holiday in Venezuela honoring the Armed Forces. If the goal is reached by that date, the following message will be simultaneously blasted on 100+ social media profiles:

“I stand with #Venezuela political prisoners. Join me in telling #NicolásMaduro – it’s time to #SetThemFree!” 

With the #SetThemFree Campaign, we aim to bring awareness to the struggle of countless individuals unjustly imprisoned in a variety of countries around the world for challenging oppressive laws and standing up for human rights in their countries. Our first spotlight country is Venezuela.
Join the movement. Stand with political prisoners. Help #SetThemFree.