May 18, 2015: Global Campaign to Help Release Political Prisoners Launched

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Every day, governments introduce restrictive laws and policies that shrink civic space and people’s ability to live free and meaningful lives. As a consequence, pro-democracy activists are coming under increased pressure and are being arrested in record numbers.

In response to the uptick of politically motivated arrests, the World Movement for Democracy has launched #SetThemFree, a GLOBAL campaign to build solidarity with those behind bars.

The #SetThemFree Campaign will call attention to the struggle of countless men and women who are unjustly imprisoned for challenging oppressive laws and standing up for human rights in their countries.

Through this campaign we will:

  • HIGHLIGHT the personal stories of human rights and democracy activists around the world who are political prisoners in their home countries.
  • ENGAGE the global public to take action online and off-line in support of these activists and urge for their immediate release.
  • BUILD solidarity within the international community and take a stand against governments that imprison their activists

But we need your help because our voices are harder to ignore when we speak out as ONE. Start SPREADING THE WORD today about our campaign on social media.

Together, we can raise awareness, mobilize others, and engage with stakeholders to achieve their release.

Join the movement. Stand with political prisoners. Help #SetThemFree.