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VENEZUELA / Detained November 26, 2014


UPDATE: Gilberto was released in December 2016 after two years of imprisonment.

Gilberto Sojo is a community leader for the political party “Popular Will” in his town of San Agustin, Caracas. He was arbitrarily arrested by the testimony of an anonymous patriot cooperating and taken to prison along with his wife and his 3 year old son. His wife and son were released 24 hours after the arrest.

Gilberto was being held at the headquarters of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service of Venezuela, the SEBIN of The Helix in Caracas. Sources close to Sojo believe that the detention was a result of Sojo’s collection of signatures to convene a constituent assembly. He was accused of individual terrorism. Gilberto was hospitalized in April 2016 for a hypertensive emergency brought on by prison conditions and was suffering from insufferable pain in his cervical vertebrae.

Gilberto Sojo was elected to parliament in the December 2015 elections. He ran on the presumption of innocence established by the Constitution of Venezuela. Despite Venezuelan law that provides immunity from criminal trial for members of parliament, Gilberto remains imprisoned. Lend your voice and share a solidarity tweet to help #SetThemFree!


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