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LAC Daniel-Ceballos

VENEZUELA / Detained March 19, 2014

UPDATE: After being under house arrest for one year, Daniel Ceballos was rearrested on August 25, 2016, and he remains imprisoned.

Daniel Ceballos, human rights activist and former mayor of San Cristóbal in Táchira was suspended and dismissed by the Venezuelan Supreme Court for contempt of court for failing to prosecute participants in Venezuelan peaceful protests in 2014. His charges include rebellion and conspiracy. He is currently going under a judicial process to receive the final decision on his sentence. On May 17, Ceballos won his primary election held by the opposition coalition in advance of the general elections later this Fall. A week after his win, he was moved from the military prison he was held in since last year to a regular jail outside of Caracas. After the move, Ceballos joined Leopoldo Lopez in a 30-day hunger strike.


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  1. As a Venezuelan I will back up everything that can be done to set them free. They have committed no crime but to think different than the government.

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